What can I do to make my left eyelid look like my right again? (Photos)

i first got a chalazion in 11/8/2015...then i got a steroid injection the begining of june this year....then i got the surgery a month later which was 7/6/2016,but it still doesnt look right..somebody help please...what can i do

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Droopy eyelid after chalazion

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Since you've had the chalazion for such a long time, it could be from the chalazion. After surgery, the eyelid will swell, but that is temporary, and after about 6 months, you will be able to see where your eyelid has settled. It sounds like your doctor is treating your chalazion correctly, but follow up with your doctor and make sure to ask what the right expectation should be, specifically about time course of healing. Most doctors will say wait 6-12 months, because things are still healing and will continue to change.

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The left eye is ptotic.

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That may or may not be related to the chalzia and its treatment.  Since you are so early from chalazia surgery, it is premature to discuss the potential need for surgery.  You need to let the eyelid heal for at least 6 months.  If the issue persists beyond that time frame, then yes, surgery is a consideration.

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You have to be patient and give it more time

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I am not sure that it will resolve completely, but you have to patient and let the time pass and see what happens. it is very early to judge. We usually like to wait for 6 months. 

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