Labiaplasty 15 days ago - Is this normal? (photos)

I asked for a dramatic reduction in my labia minora and wanted just a small "strip" of labia down the middle that doesn't protrude. I know about the swelling and it may be too soon to tell but it sure seems like the doctor didn't remove enough. Also, it looks like some kind of growth or something on the right side that wasn't there prior to surgery. What is that and will it go away? Thanks for your help.

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Your 2 week labiaplasty results are normal

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and you can anticipate continued improvement with time and healing.  Yes, there is a chance you may have more tissue than you want but I won't trim a labia shorter than a centimeter in height as I believe the labia minora have a function to close your vault.  You can always have more trimmed down the road if you require it but you may find that your improved appearances are good enough and that you won't need anymore procedures.  Your early results really look decent so give it time and critique when you are done healing and have gotten used to the new look.

The difference between V-wedge and linear: when to do which..??

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It is hard to adequately manage a significantly widened and redundent clitoral hood with a linear resecrion, and frequently it is only a V-Y wedge that produces the cosmetic & functional result envisioned. This is why it is wise, when you have a large hood that also needs management, to make sure that your surgeon is skilled in BOTH linear/trim and V-wedge modifications. Personally, I'd avoid any surgeon who ONLY does one type, as "...if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail..." You can do a V-Wedge on every patient, while there are a few anatomical variants that do not do well with linear/trim.
You may be one of these...  Yes, there is a lot of redundant skin left when your surgeon tried to manage what possibly should have been a V-Y approach with a simple "trim." I'd counsel you to wait until you are 3-4 months post-op. "Live" in your new labia, and "use" them sexually and athletically, and see how you feel. If you still feel that not enough was removed, or that there are areas that protrude or irritate, consult both with your original surgeon, and at least one other person (cosmetic gynecologist or experienced plastic surgeon from this site...) and see what advice is proffered to achieve your hoped-for results. I have attached information comparing V-wedge with linear procedures...
Michael P Goodman, MDDavis, CA, USA

Labial swelling

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Your labia will go through a lot of changes over the next 6 to 8 weeks. Swelling will go way down and at that point you can access if this is the look you were wanting. You will most likely need some of the excess prepuce reduced for a thin strip of labia look. You can have this done at about 4 months.
Dr. Jennifer Hayes, DO, FACOOG

Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon

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After labiaplasty

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Its too soon to judge anything on size for your labiaplasty.  It will take 6 weeks for you to have a reasonable idea about size and even after that it could change.
The labia minora has a tricky blood supply and making the labia very small can be risky for wound healing problems and disfigurement and deformity.  If your labia are still too big for your preference after all the healing is complete it is always possible to trim a little more (but you can't easily fix it if there is too much removed.)

Unhappy labiaplasty

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Sorry for you.Nothing to do now.Wait a few months and then repost your photos for additional adviceThanks

Labiaplasty 15 days ago - is this normal?

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs.  Your physician performed a trim labiaplasty that should lead to a meaningful change in appearance once your swelling has resolved and results have matured.  That said, your surgeon did not directly address your clitoral hood and this would have depended on the discussion that you had with them during consultation.  In order to obtain the "strip" look you are after, a revision procedure to address this tissue will be needed.  Hope this helps.  

Labiaplasty 15 days post op

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Your surgeon apparently did  the labiaplasty but I am not so sure used upon your post operative expectation his surgery will achieve your expected results.  Part of the reason is that he/she did not address the lateral redundant prepuce.   To get a stream line appearance you really should have had the lateral prepuce as well as the labia addressed.   A revision surgery can be performed 3-4 months after the initial surgery.
John R Miklos MD
Urogynecologist & Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon
Atlanta ~ BeverlyHills ~ Dubai

Labiaplasty at 15 days

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at 15 days the area is still healing and there will be swelling. Allow healing to continue, it may take up to 3 months for swelling to completely resolve. If after complete healing there are issues it can be easily revised. Revisions can be done easily but wait until the area is completely healed.

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