8.5 weeks post op Tummy Tuck. Does it look like I will need a revision? If so how long must I wait? (photos)

Had severe Diastasis prior to surg. I am 8.5 weeks out of my surg and notice that from my belly button up to my ribs sticks out like I look pregnant . I know it isn't intra-fat(not a heavy person)or a seroma. I can suck my belly in and get a flat tummy & I can't push it out (not that I want to push it out). Does it look like a revision is in my future,If so, how will this be performed? I lay on back I do not feel a gap in muscles like before.

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Diastasis recti and tummy tuck

You might think you need a revision but it is very early to talk about this besides you dont feel the diastasis you had before in your muscle which indicates that maybe your complaint is just a problem related with swelling once you are not swollen and you are able to work out you will see a big improvement about your results, Good luck!

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Do I need a Revision after Tummy Tuck

I would not rush to do a revision at this point, and possibly not ever. From your description, it sounds like your diastasis repair is intact since you don't feel a gap like before surgery. It is possible that once you are allowed to start exercising, that you can strengthen your core abdominal muscles (plank exercises are my favorite for this). I believe that this will take care of the bulge that you currently don't like.

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