Any suggestions for my eye size?

when i was young,my eyes were round and beautiful,but im 20 years old now and very underweight and my eyes have become really very small and it seems as if they are going into the face,tey are this because of me being very very undeweight? will my eyes become large when i get back in shape and gain weight?

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Loss of Volume

This is an interesting question. Even with a photo it would be difficult to evaluate. The eye sockets are cushioned with fat, and when people lose fat all over the body significantly, they become more skeletonized, meaning you can see the bone structure and less of the fat. First, I would check with an internal medicine doctor to make sure that there is no underlying condition. Secondly, there are treatments that can be done, and little tricks as simple as to wear glasses to magnify and make your eyes look bigger. Your eyes will appear sunken, as the fat around the eye and around the face diminishes, and what you are seeing is a result of that. Make sure to have a full physical, and if this is a cosmetic concern, there are ways of correcting this non-surgically.

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Any suggestions for my eye size?

Please submit photos to get accurate response. There are various causes of eye size changes including eyelid and eyeball changes. 

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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My eyes are changing

Thank you for presenting your concerns. It is not clear what the problem is. Please post photos from your younger age and current photos.  Thank you.

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Correcting the shape of the eyes

 It is very difficult to answer questions without any photographs and without a personal examination.

Reza Momeni, MD FACS
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