Dog and hard spots on BA scars; is this normal? (Photo)

I am 7 weeks post op and have some hard and then some soft spots on my scar is this normal

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Thank you for the question and the picture.    What you are experiencing is very normal!   As your healing progresses this should soften up very nicely for you.   Be sure to ask your surgeon about anything your not sure of  Good Luck

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Thank you for your question and photograph. At 7 weeks post op areas of induration or hardness are entirely normal and respond to scar message with vitamin E oil and topical treatment with either a silicone gel cream, such as Biocornium or sheets of silicone such as NewGel+.  Additionally, IPL laser treatments, Erbium laser treatments and Fraxel laser treatments are beneficial as well. Best wishes in your recovery!Sincerely,
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Dog and hard spots on BA scars; is this normal?

Thank you for your question and for sharing your photograph.  At 7 weeks your scars are continuing to heal and mature from surgery and it is not uncommon to have firmer and softer spots along it's length.  Over the next several months the scar tissue will soften, residual suture material will dissolve, and the color will fade to leave you with a cosmetically pleasing result. I know waiting is difficult but hang in there, you will see steady improvement in its appearance and feel.  

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Incision at 7 weeks

At 7 weeks your incisions will likley be firm in some areas and soft in others. As the scar matures, it usually gets softer. If concerned, speak to your surgeon about scar care.

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7 weeks post op scar

Hello and congratulations on your surgery! From this photograph alone, it seems to me that you are healing well and do not have an infection. Having some hard and some soft spots across your scar is normal during the long healing process your scar will go through. Of course I suggest bringing up this concern and all others you may have to your board certified plastic surgeon because in-person examinations are much more reliable. Until your next consultation, you should not be worried. Best wishes!

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Scar maturation takes months

Hi, I have attached a link that may be helpful...

Hi.  Thanks for sharing your photo.  Your scar looks normal, but an in person examination is needed to know for sure.  The variations in healing/scarring may be related to the underlying suture placement.  Absorbable sutures get broken down and can cause some focal firmness.  In the long term, the scar should be soft, flat, thin and skin colored.  Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about any topical creams, scar massage, silicone treatments etc. they recommend.

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You need to see your surgeon to get a more exact answer

there is nothing alarming about your picture but it is hard to say too much based on a picture alone.i tell all my patients that their BA scars, will get better and better with each passing month. they usually heal with a very hard to see scar. 

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