Can diced cartilage fascia be removed without my damaging or breaking my nasal bone?

I'm 8 months post op Asian rhinoplasty. My nose was heightened with diced cartilage wrapped in fascia. My face doesn't look good with a tall nose. I wish I just had my tip refined. My tip has grafts and I Iwould like to have my nose back down to its original height with just the subtle tip refinement.

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Yes, feasible

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To put thins in short and plain, let's not fly around:

-fascia wrapped diced cartilage is a mess of a technique, unstable, unpredictable contour irregularities, unnatural touch, late resorptions, infections, pseudocysts, etc... it is trendy these years because is waaay easier the good and safe alternatives, thus making widely accessible to any limited skills surgeons the goal of raising a dorsum

-alloplastic (silicone or goretex, matrix, etc) are even worse, some almost a mess or destructive (like solid alloplastis implants)

-fillers I will not even comment, a catastrophe

-the right option for a sunken dorsum is cartilage grafting onlay piece (ear or thin slice of rib), with (thin skinned dorsums) or without (thick dermis dorsums) temporal fascia camouflage blanket graft underneath the skin of dorsum

I strongly recommend you find a real expert in revision who also has experience in asian rhinoplasties, save the money and travel wherever required, but don't waste your last chance of repair, which exists.

The caneloni of diced cartilage can be removed and be replaced by a more orthodox and elegant technique, or just leave the previous dorsal height. Tip can be worked following the standard set of , columella, tip and alar grafting commonly applied in asians.

Please do post or send privately a full set of good quality, well lit and focused standard photos: frontal, both lateral views and both oblique views, also from underneath the nostrils.

Feel free to request any additional information from me.

Spain Plastic Surgeon

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