Are these dark spots permanent? (Photo)

When my cast was removed post rhinoplasty I noticed two adjacent scabs that were under all the tape. They did not dry up like normal scabs. I'm really worried about them not fading away.

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Rhinoplasty skin changes

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It is difficult to say without knowing the exact cause of the two spots.  It looks like they may be small incisions for osteotomies (controlled breaking of the nasal bones).  If this is the case, I would expect them to heal quite well, and they are generally not noticeable a few months down the road.  If they are related to too much pressure from the nasal splint, they may take some more time to heal, and even have some darkened color for quite a while.  I would definitely check with your surgeon on the cause, and preferred wound care.  Good luck on the rest of your recovery.

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Skin discoloration

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Thanks for your post. Are those scabs or is the skin discolored? Based on your pictures your skin type is such that any injury to it may lead to hyperpigmentation. That being said, if your skin was intentionally or inadvertently injured at the time of surgery, perhaps during the osteotomies, then as the skin heals there can be some darkness.
How far out from surgery are you now? I ask because this darkness should improve over time. More importantly, be sure to follow up with your surgeon to discuss your concerns. He or she will have a better idea to the exact cause of these discolorations.

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