Should I continue with my scheduled surgery or go to an oncologist first? (photos)

After having a vaginal hysterectomy I was left with this. Yes vaginal. I was diagnosed with multiple abscess.I had 5 surgical washouts.One of the intern doctors told me that if I have any surgery again that I should have an oncologist perform the surgery because I was cut very deep. I having my muscles tightened hernia repaired excess skin removed and a scar revision. My fear is should I go to an oncologist instead of a PS? Can I have tips on healing please & should I wait for an oncologist.

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Stick with a plastic surgeon

Sorry to hear about the complications that arose from your hysterectomy...and glad you are now well enough to consider getting things fixed.  You do not need an oncologist to improve your abdominal contour and scars.  Plastic surgeons are very well equipped and dare I say best equipped to deal with your scar revision issues.  A good oncologist would tell you this as well.  Find a plastic surgeon you trust and move forward.  You appear to have a tendency towards keloidal scarring so scar management with compression and silicone will also be critical in  your post-operative period.

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