Cohesive gel implants 3.5 years ago, now fluid around left breast?

Cohesive gel implants 3.5 years ago, healed perfectly and quickly. 11 months ago I noticed a hard feeling in my left breast and what felt like fluid. Went for mammogram and US and was told everything looked good but was put on antibiotics just in case. I am still having the issue and now have a small rash on the same side. I went to get a copy of the mammogram and ultrasound and noticed it says I had/have fluid around implant. Called PS and he said it was normal. It just doesn't feel right.

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Fluid aspiration

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The best way for this fluid to be removed and examined is probably to have an ultrasound guided aspiration. 

Fluid around implant

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You should be evaluated and the fluid should be examined by your surgeon or by an interventional radiologist.. Best of luck.

Fluid around your implant 3.5 years later.

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Fluid this late after your surgery may not be a problem, but I would not consider it normal. You should be seen by your plastic surgeon to be evaluated. You may need a drainage procedure and testing of the fluid. 


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A small amount of fluid around an implant is normal.  A large fluid collection (seroma) over 1 year after your surgery is something that should be investigated.  The fluid should be sent for cytology and possibly the implant removed, based on the results.

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