Can breast tissue and nipple sag recover without additional surgery? (photos)

I was a small A prior to implants 8.5 years ago and went to a full C with 400cc saline. I do not want to replace my implants. I'm 100lbs and breastfed. By deflating them I was able to see what they may look like before surgery, and I am nervous the tissue that atrophied won't regenerate, especially in my upper pole. Can tissue restore itself and fill my breasts back in on its own? What other options besides another implant do I have to restore them to a pretty appearance? How long can it take?

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Breast Laxity after Implant Deflation

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Dear poodle2016,

Unfortunately your breasts will not fill in on their own without replacing the volume you lost when the implant deflated. I would recommend at least considering replacing the implants, perhaps with a silicone implant instead of saline. Good luck!

Implant removal

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No, tissue will not regenerate. This is how your breasts will look after you remove your implants. ...

Implant deflation

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After an implant has stretched out the breast tissue, there is nothing that will make it "grow back".  Your only option, especially to restore your breasts to what they were prior to deflation, is another implant.  Fat grafting to the breasts can enhance those results, but at 100 pounds, you will not have enough to completely re-create your breasts with fat alone.

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