Breast incision after anchor lift with Mentor memory gel 250cc hp smooth round over muscles with the use of strattice (Photo)

Do my my incisions look proper? The left side is higher than right. What could this mean? As the implants moves into place will the incision only get higher? I'm 18 days postop & so far I'm happy. I'm just so concerned with bottoming out, this is also the reason my surgeon pushed for strattice. This is my 1st operation. I know only time will tell, but advice as to where I am now would be settling. I'm comfortable with my surgeon and ask my ?'s But I figure I would just get some advice Thanks

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Breast lift and implants

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You look to have a very nice result at 3 weeks. You need to give it more time to heal and for the incisions to fade. Good luck.

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Appears you have

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a good result for being 3 weeks post-op. Having strattice placed at initial aug/pexy is fairly aggressive, but I would not fault any surgeon who chooses to use extra support for their patient to achieve longer lasting results. Follow your surgeons instructions and you WILL remain happy. 

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