Board certified Ob/Gyn or Plastic Surgeon for Clitoral lift?

My clitoral hood was mostly removed during poor labiaplasty I would like to find a solution to hide it more. I have been to see an Ob/Gyn in Laguna beach & he suggested a clitoral lift. Surgery-wise he has advised to make incisions between hood & majora & lift facial tissues (holding the hood itself) to lift the clitoris up. There is little to read about these procedures online (Is this a clitoropexy?) And is there a preference between an ob/gyn or a plastic surgeon for this procedure?

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Clitoral Hood Surgery: COSMETIC UROLOGIST

Thank you for your question.  I would recommend finding an experienced cosmetic and reconstructive genital surgeon.  That surgeon can also be a cosmetic urologist.  I am a cosmetic urologist with vast experience in genital surgery.  Unlike most plastic surgeons with limited training in genital surgery and most gynecologists with limited training in cosmetic surgery, there are cosmetic urologists who are trained in both genital and cosmetic surgery.   

Best of luck.     

Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist -- Cleveland, Ohio)

Cleveland Urologist
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Proven Experience is that which I would seek.


You want to look into a doctor with experience fixing your problem which is pretty rare. If I were you,  I would want to see a good number of images of Before & Afters of the repair before I would feel comfortable with the surgeon.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon
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Clitoral reduction


It would be best to see a board certified surgeon that does this surgery OFTEN and has extensive experience. Good luck!

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Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Clitoral lift

The clitoral hood is the skin above the labia minora and the skin that overlies the head of the clitoris. The type of hood reduction depends on the patients anatomy and desires.  If the skin overlies the head or glans of the clitoris, that can be reduced. If the patient has a very large, protuberant, long, wide clitoral hood, I invented a procedure called a clitoropexy with a clitoral hood reduction. With this procedure, I lift up the clitoral hood skin, move the clitoris closer to the pubic bone, thin the tissues under the clitoral hood skin, and then remove a large amount of excess skin. This results in a dramatic decrease in the length, thickness, and protuberance of the clitoral hood, so that the hood is now within the labia majora when the woman stands. I have performed this procedure over 250 times with outstanding results.

Gary J. Alter, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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"Clitoral covering?" "Clitoral Lift?" "Clitoropexy?" What to do for an overexposed clitoris?

Dear Sweetlips,

I take it that your clitoral glans  is over-exposed, and you are seeking a way to "advance a flap" of available tissue to loosely cover the glans to diminish irritation?

In general, plastic surgeons are better trained to perform flap procedures than Ob-Gyns, but this difficult & delicate procedure is operator-dependant.  Certainly Dr. Alinsod in Laguna Beach, as well (especially!) as Dr. Gary Alter in Beverly Hills/L.A. are experienced surgeons who are equipped to perform this type of surgery. While I have no photo of yours with which to help guide you, make sure whomever you see has a definite workable plan that he/she can explain to you and show you a photo or 2 utilizing the technique.

I'm not sure tyhat what you are seeking is truly a "clitoropexy." Clitoropexy is a procedure of surgically "tacking down" a protruberant clitoral glans, where you appear to be seeking a means to loosly "cover" (like a light blanket on a bed) an "unroofed" clitoral glans, although a clitoropexy might be performed at the same time but for protuberance rather than "glans nudity..."

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman MD

Ob/Gyn or Pastic Surgeon

As an Ob/Gyn who performs these with high frequency, I can honestly say the bottom line is: you want to find a surgeon whether gyn or plastics that performs these types of procedures often and has a wealth of experience.  Always a good idea to look at before and after pics and to ask a lot of questions.

Best of luck to you

David Ghozland, MD
Santa Monica OB/GYN
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Expert Vaginal surgeon

As with any surgery, in order to insure a good result it is important to select a surgeon that has dedicated their career to the specific surgery that you desire. It would be worthwhile to find a surgeon with special training in Vaginal Surgery as well as gynecologic cosmetic surgery. 
The vagina is a functional organ. Alterations of any type wether it be from childbirth injury, trauma, or previous surgery can affect vaginal function. In addition Board Certification, it is important to inquire about additional training they have for vaginal surgery and if he/she has experience in addressing problems commonly found in addition to just the labia. A surgeon that performs primarily vaginal surgery will surely yield reproducible results.

Peter Castillo, MD, FACOG
Bay Area Urogynecologist
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