Bad rhinoplasty or not? (Photo)

I got rhinoplasty surgery done 10 months ago . It looks slanted . I need another doctor's opinion. I really want to get it redone . In pics it more noticeable than in person for some reason . The bridge is too thin reminds me of a wooden doll nose . Type of surgery was Silicone for bridge and cartilage for tip)

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Need for Revision Nasal Surgery

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I am so sorry you feel you did not get a good result from your recent Rhinoplasty.  It is important before you decided on any further surgery to be evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon who is experienced in revision rhinoplasty.  You should bring your previous operative report as well as preoperative and postoperative photographs if you can get them. It is hard to evaluate what needs to be done for correct your nose based on just your photos as you said it looks different in photos and in person. Hope this helps answer your questions.

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The nose looks really good with great proportion and form and fits the face. However, perception is reality, if it bothers you then you can get the silicon implant removed. 


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Tanveer Janjua, MD
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