Allergic reaction to laser tattoo removal? (Photo)

I had a double session w 2 diff lasers at a spa clinic. My first on a 8 weeks old tattoo 3 weeks ago. I had some blisters, red and swollen, went down, itched and scabbed then a week a half later I developed red little hard itchy goose bumps. In and around the tattoo. Not on it, mainly in negative spaces(my Tatt is just a black outline on my upper arm. It healed again and became extremely itchy up and down my arm up to my chest&back. I've scheduled to see a derm but he doesn't specialize in laser

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New tattoo removal and reaction

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It is possible to react from the tattoo removal since the process causes a great deal of heat.  Depending on what settings were used you should not want blisters to form.  Please consult an expert in tattoo removal.  Best, Dr. Green

Reaction to aggressive laser treatment

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it is best to be careful on first laser treatment especially on a 8 week old tattoo. Treatment with a topical or if necessary oral steroid will calm down reaction. Wait at least 8 weeks before other session and if necessary do half of tattoo and do other half a few weeks later to Decrease reaction. 

Morris Westfried, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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