Am I a suitable candidate to do gum recontouring surgery to fix my gummy smile? (Photos)

Will gum recontouring make my teeth look abnormally long?

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Simple gum contouring should suffice

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A gingivectomy (gum contouring) would help balance your smile and help with the proportions that make for a sensational smile.  This could be done by laser or simple scalpel and there would be no downtime or any significant discomfort with either clinical technique.

Douglas Jopling, DDS
Dallas, TX area

Gummy smile

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From the pictures that you have posted it appears that you would benefit from gum recontouring. Your teeth would definately not look abnormally large. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Gummy Smile

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Hi, thank you for your question. I agree that you should have a smile enhancement evaluation. I would suggest that you wait until your braces come off before performing your smile enhancement evaluation. The reason for this is because orthodontics creates a lot of inflammation to the gums and so a lot of the gum swelling will go down and then you can have a true assessment of your gummy smile and design accordingly. I particularly like to wait 6-8 weeks until the braces have come off. From your photos you have a multitude of options to increase the amount of tooth structure that you see in your smile, thus making your smile brighter and more appealing. Good luck!

Gum Recontouring

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You are a great candidate for this procedure.  I would recommend finding a cosmetic dentist that can perform this procedure with a laser.  The results will be significant with minimal if any discomfort.  Good luck.  

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