Is it normal to get burn like this from laser hair removal? (Photos)

This was my 4 treatment at a plastic surgeon office, I never had a problem with treatment before. She increase the level every time I had a treatment and everything was ok, however this time she increased the level of laser from "11" to "13". It was very painful and this time around I had to take breaks during this session, in the past I never took a break during treatment. Is it normal to get this burn? My husband think it is not normal and they should pay for my pain and suffering! Any advice

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Burn Scar on Face - Silicone Based scar gel with growth factors, sun protection

I suggest you see an expert this needs appropriate wound care at this time.  I suggest a cosmetic dermatologist.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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LHR with burn on dark skin

This is a burn and I'm sorry this has happened. I think this was an IPL because of the rectangular shape of the burns. I like to treat this with Biafine until healed. Then it will require treatment to improve the hyperpigmentation and scarring. Make sure the physician is aware of this problem. A Plastic Surgeon should be able to handle this. The only laser that should be used for this on your skin is a 1064 YAG laser.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Post Laser Hair Removal Burns

A burn from laser hair removal is a possible complication, but it is not normal. Always make sure to check the credentials of the person performing your laser treatments.  I recommend that you notify the office where this was done immediately and make an appointment with the surgeon for treatment.

Laura Riehm, MD
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Laser hair removal.... possible burn???

Laser hair removal works by the conversion of laser light to heat.   It is this heat that burns and kills your hair.   Every laser hair removal treatment is a burn.   In Caucasian skin it is common to get redness, crusting of the skin and sometimes blisters.    In darker skin it is more common to see reactions such as yours.  There are different types of lasers for laser hair removal.   Some are more likely to cause this than others.   As long as the correct laser was used, then this is a possible side affect of this procedure.  Turning the laser up with additional treatments is normal as well, as long as the prior treatment was well tolerated and did not result in side effects like this.   The goal is to use the highest setting possible without causing side effects such as this in order to kill the most hair possible with each treatment.  I would definitely let your doctor who is in charge of your treatments know what has happened and let them evaluate you to see if any treatment is necessary to help your skin heal more quickly.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
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