I will be getting an under eye fat transfer. After 1 week, will I will be able to go to work and do my job maybe with a hat on?

I will be getting an under eye fat transfer and possibly some to my upper lid area. I was told three weeks healing time. after one week will I will be able to at least go to work and do my job maybe with a hat on? I realize I may look a bit swollen but is it normally a "presentable swollen" as in I can still be seen in public? Thank you.

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Healing After Under Eye Fat Transfer

Thanks for your question. What an exciting time for you! There are certain protocols to minimize your risk of bruising and swelling. If you do bruise, it can take up to 2 weeks to fully resolve, but would be easily concealed. At one week post procedure you should be able to be back at work without a hat and most people should not notice anything but a refreshed look! It is advisable to speak with your plastic surgeon regarding your healing concerns. Best wishes.

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Time off after lower eyelid fat transfer.

Congratulations on choosing facial rejuvenation with fat transfer! It is true that it can take up to three weeks after surgery for the swelling and bruising to resolve completely; however, after one week you should be presentable in public with or without a hat. Healing after surgery takes time and you may not see the final results of your fat grafting procedure until three to six months after surgery. I wish you the best!

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Time-off after fat transfer

Usually 3-5 days is adequate.  I doubt you will need a hat.  Most of your swelling will be in your cheeks.  It will take 1-2 months for the final result, but you should be presentable as soon as 1 week if the procedure is done gently.

Jeffrey Marvel, MD
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