Should I be concerned about nipple necrosis? (Photos)

I am 4 days post op BR. I had ~4 lbs of tissue removed from each side. Nipples are warm to the touch and pink but there is a small area below my right nipple that looks darker and has a small amount of clear yellow drainage. Waiting to hear back from my PS office. Wondering if this looks normal or if I should be concerned?

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Continue routine post op

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This early post operatively there is a lot of swelling and bruising.  If the tissues are warm and swollen, the skin will very often heal very well.  Even with a small amount of skin loss of the areola, the final outcome is typically excellent.   I typically recommend Aquaphor for any dark or bruised appearing regions of the nipple or areola. Talk to your surgeon about your concerns, but be reassured that things appear to be doing well at this point.

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Nipple Necrosis

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 Thank you for your pictures. It appears that you may have a very small edge that maybe necrotic. At this point there's nothing you can do. As soon as your plastic surgeon contacts  you please schedule a consultation for evaluation. Most likely this area will just form a scab and then heal beneath the scab. 

Best wishes. 

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