Sagging chin skin after chin implant.

After a infected chin implant my Ps had a hard time in removing it (yes, medpor). After the healing and putting new implant ,sadly my chin is like no more like a chin! It does not have any shape and great amount of sagging skin just under the tip of the chin. Actually when i press the skin i can see implant has pretty good shape by itself but this sagged skin makes it look non-sense. So please doctors, what is your suggestion on it? Thanks a lot (Im 28 and dont have sagging on another areas)

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Sagging chin skin after chin implant removal.

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Thanks for your post. Sorry to read you are in this situation. You should speak with your surgeon first to see what options your surgeon believes are best to help.  In general, extra skin can be trimmed. There is literature on "Witch's Chin Deformity".  It may be worth discussing this with your PS as there are surgical solutions for patients in your situation. A second option would be to fill the chin with filler to return volume to the sagging skin.  At this point, you need to be examined to figure out the best next step. If you dont have a good relationship with your PS, then find a second opinion.   Best of luck.

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