What are the pre-op and post-op diet recommendations?

Hello! I'm 28yo and I will have a gastric sleeve surgery in a few months. So far, my doctor didn't say anything specific about any specific diets (only general terms), but I would like to know what you recommend..also, can you tell me more about what I should expect regarding eating-habits after the surgery? Types of food and when they can be added to the diet. Thank you for your help!

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Pre op and post op diet

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Hello dear, thanks for your question.
Pre op:
Your pre-op diet will start 2 weeks before your surgery date. The pre-op diet is important because it helps to reduce the size of your liver prior to surgery. This makes surgery easier for your surgeon and reduces your intra-operative risas.
Post op:
Your post-op diet greatly depends on how far out you are from surgery. The stages below are typical recommendations after gastric sleeve surgery.  Stage 1 – The first week after surgery
  • Clear liquids only. These include:
    • Water
    • Decaf Tea
    • Sugar-free Posicles
    • Broth
Stage 2 – Week 2
  • Full liquid diet with protein shakes.
Stage 3 – Week 3
  • Soft-pureed foods. These include:
    • Soups
    • Scrambled Eggs
    • Cottage Cheese
Stage 4 – Week 4
  • Soft foods.
    • Boiled chicken.
    • Fish
    • Cereal
    • Mashed potatoes.
Stage 5 – Week 5 and beyond
  • Introducing real foods.
    • Introduce small amounts of foods.
    • Chew well and eat slowly.
    • Eat 3 small meals a day.
    • Eat a small, healthy, nutrient dense food as a snack if needed.
    • Get your protein but don’t forget vegetables and fruit.
Good luck!

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