Can Filler Injection Cause Non-Localized Allergy-like symptoms?

I had HA injected into the tear troughs by an experienced plastic surgeon, 3 weeks ago. Everything went fine, I had zero swelling, zero bruising, and I like the results. 5 Days ago however I got a few of these tiny hives that itch slightly on random occasions - they are ONLY on my forehead, non whatsoever under the eyes or near injection site. Is it remotely possible for this to be an allergic reaction to the HA? I'm not an allergy-prone person. Thanks.

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Hives after fillers?

I am not aware of any reports of immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions like hives to fillers. It is unlikely that this is related and even possible that these are not hives but something else -- for example, sweat bumps.

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Hives after fillers?

If you were to have an allergy to filler it would be immediate and also in the area injected. What you are experiencing is a rash or uticaria from something else. It's not related to the filler.

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