Are spreader grafts and alar batten grafts adjustable or removable?

Hello, my nose is much wider after my revision procedure 5 months ago where spreader and batten grafts were used. I had a long skinny nose before and think this extra width is making the shortened length look even more off balance to me. How much could still be swelling?

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Removal of nasal grafts

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I would recommend not adjusting or removing any nasal grafts for at least 6-12 months after surgery. The majority of nasal swelling can decrease by 6 months, but depending on what is done this may take more and swelling can definitely last even up to a year. This can depend on many factors. I recommend seeing your nasal surgeon to address and evaluate your concerns. Best of luck.

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Removal or Adjustment of Nasal Grafts

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Nasal grafts can be adjusted or removed but I recommend that you wait for a year after your primary operation to evaluated your result. It will take that long for complete healing in a patient with thicker skin who had multiple grafts.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Graft removable

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Yes, it is possible to remove grafts but it may impact strength of the various areas they treated...

Are spreader grafts and alar batten grafts adjustable or removable?

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Spreader grafts and batten grafts can be removed and usually be adjusted. But after extensive grafting there needs to be a year before the results are judged. To judge the length and width of the nose the entire face on profile, oblique and front on views must be considered.

Can the spreader an alar batten grafts be removed?

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Yes, any graft can be removed or adjusted. However, it would be wise to wait for your nose to settle down and for the swollen to subside close to a year from the surgery. 

Revision Rhinoplasty

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I agree that your tip is too wide. I would definitely wait until one year post-op to consider another revision. Even a small improvement in your nasal tip edema may give you significantly better proportions. 
Good Luck!

Spreader and alar batten grafts

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it is possible that the spreader and alar batten grafts can make a tip look wider but it is entirely too early to make that decision in your case.  Following a revision Rhinoplasty, it takes at least a year for all swelling to subside and achieve the final result.  If in a year's time the tip still looks too wide then the grafts can be removed and replaced in a better orientation. 

Revision nasal surgery

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You are only 5 months post REVISION nasal surgery.  Revision rhinoplasty can take over a year to heal.  So, please be patient, allow the surgery to heal.  And grafts are not ADJUSTABLE.#rhinoplasty, #nasalsurgery, #nosejob

Wide nose with spreaders and batten grafts

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The size and position of these grafts can be adjusted however it does required more surgery.  I would suggest waiting for one year.  You might see that it is not needed at that point.  And if it is the procedure will be easier and more predictable then.

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