Can a "hook" nose and columella be recreated in revision rhinoplasty?

I am female and 6 months ago underwent a septorhinoplasty. My columella was tucked up and my hook was completely removed, not trimmed, and now I have a short, upturned nose. It lacks all character and looks terrible on my face. The space between my lip and nose looks very long and is really upsetting to me. Along with lengthening can this area be recreated with grafting? Thanks!

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Revision rhino

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I do not think that your old nose can be recreated.  Certainly, a revision can be performed to improve overreaction if you are concerned.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Nose turned up after rhinoplasty

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At 6 months I would continue to be patient and seek follow up from your surgeon.

If you continue to be displeased with your nose you may benefit from another surgery with the use of grafts to add to your dorsum and derotate your nose.  Secondary surgeries are very effective if performed by experienced surgeons.

Ernest Robinson, MD
Aliso Viejo Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Revision rhinoplasty

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It is possible to make corrections that you desire. However, it would be in your best interest to allow complete healing after your first surgery (12 months) before undergoing new, more extensive surgery. You will need  significant amount of grafts, possibly rib cartilage, for this type of reconstruction.

You should seek a consult with a reputable nose surgeon, board certified plastic or ENT specialist. Good luck.

Zoran Potparic, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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