Should I get areola surgery? (Photo)

I'm 21 with no children and I'm very self-conscious about my nipples/aerolas. Idk why but I absolutely hate the size and all over look of my aerolas. My nipple I'm perfectly fine with but not the skin around it. I constantly cover them up during sex or anytime I'm naked around my boyfriend. What do you think I should have done and in what price range are we looking at. My breast size is between a 32 C or 32 D, please help! Part of me also thinks I just need an all over boob job!

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Within normal range

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Areolar diameter is variable.  You are in normal range. Not worth the scar, at least not yet, wait until the babies come. AND if your boyfriend doesn't like your nipples---find a new one.  Jane

Should I get areola surgery?

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Yes, areola reduction surgery is certainly possible but some thoughts may be helpful to you:

It is important to know that the areola scar will always be noticeable (some more than others). This may be because the scar heals with too much or too little pigment or because the scar is raised.
You should also be aware, that areola reduction surgery does carry other risks such as spreading of the areola, asymmetry, shape irregularity etc.
In order to avoid disappointment, it behooves you to be aware of the worse case scenario and, armed with that knowledge, decide if your dissatisfaction with the areola size justifies the risks associated with the procedure.
I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

Areola surgery

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Thanks you for your question.  Your breasts including the nipples and areolae look normal.  The nipples are not inverted, the areolae are symmetrical, and breasts have a normal shape without any sagging.  There is no need for any cosmetic surgery in my opinion.

Should I get areola surgery?

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In my over the internet opinion you are NOT a candidate fir areolae reduction because the scarring risks far out weigh the benefits! 

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