Ankle Lipo: can you place the incision above the achillies tendon and suction or just on the sides of the ankle?

ok so I had 2 cosnultation re lipo on calves and ankles , one doctor said he will place 2 incisions around the ankle area on the sides . each side of the ankle, the other said that he will place one incision the back of the leg just above the achillies tendon .. .. is it safe to suction above the achlies tendon ?the first doctor said you cannot suction just above the achillies tendon it is dangerous .. please advice ?????

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An kle Liposuction- where do the scars go?

Thank you for asking about your calf and ankle liposuction.
  • Ankle liposuction is a little risky, no matter where the incisions are because there is little fat in the area and a lot of nerves, blood vessels and tendons.
  • Personally I would not put an incision over the Achilles tendon -
  • There is no fat in that area, so the tendon is not liposuctioned.
  • The risk is of passing the cannula in error into the tendon, damaging it.
  • Even if the risk of tendon damage is very low, if it happened, it could be severe.¬†
  • Personally I would not use this incision but it is not wrong - just not in my opinion the best route.
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