If you have high blood pressure , how will it affect going under for BBL ? As far as general anesthesia is concern?

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High blood pressure

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Thank you for your question.It is in your best interest to get some testing to done so you can safely stabilize your blood pressure. Your health is yours and the doctors number one priority, you wouldn’t want to undergo elective surgery at a higher risk. Your surgeon will want you to receive medical clearance to be cleared for surgery before they perform the brazilian butt lift. I hope this helps.
Best of luck in your endeavors!

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If you have high blood pressure , how will it affect going under for BBL ? As far as general anesthesia is concern?

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Many patients suffer from high blood pressure. The key is to have it controlled under a doctors's supervision which usually entails diet and medication. If the BP is controlled and you are medically cleared for surgery under general anesthesia, you should be safe to undergo surgery. Of course, make certain that your surgeon is Board Certified and the surgery is performed in an accredited operating room. good luck!

High blood pressure and BBL

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The key is to have well regulated blood pressure before during and after surgery. If your blood pressure is not well controlled then you need to see your medical doctor. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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High blood pressure with anesthesia

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Great question!

  • Your blood pressure should be under control with medication and diet at all times. Anesthesia is performed by multiple medications which are processed by your kidneys and liver. High blood pressure changes the function of both of these organs and can decrease ability for the general anesthesia medication to be broken down and processed. I would recommend you have your blood pressure under control through visits with your primary care and a preoperative evaluation by your anesthesia department.  
  • During the surgical procedure the blood pressure can be controlled very easily with medication, except for  patients taking the medication lisinopril the morning before surgery.  If you were taking lisinopril, you should not take it the morning of surgery.  All other high blood pressure medications can be usually taken the morning of surgery.   You should not take lisinopril the morning of surgery because it is very hard for the anesthesiologist to counter act the intraoperative low blood pressure induced by lisinopril.  
  • You can have an uncomplicated blood pressure through the entire procedure , but when you wake up and go to the recovery room,  you can have rebound hypertension. During the procedure your anesthesiologist will give you medications to lower your blood pressure, but after you wake up and go home those medications are no longer available. And after you go home, your blood pressure can rise and cause excessive bleeding, hematomas as well as possible cardiac arrhythmia and stroke. 

 I wish you well through your procedure and your recovery process,
James McAdoo DO FACOS

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High Blood Pressure and BBL

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If your blood pressure is under control with diet and medication, there is little risk for increased complications with a Brazilian Butt Lift.  The same rules still apply.  Minimal pressure on the graft site-the buttocks- and a short period of limited activity.  If you have any concerns about your blood pressure and surgery, first discuss this with your plastic surgeon and also your primary care doctor.  They may also have you seen prior to surgery by the anesthesia team that will manage your care during surgery.  I think you will do well if you follow these basic steps.  Best of luck.

Herluf G. Lund, Jr, MD
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