Do you do gastric sleeve and gastric bypass? If so, how much for each?

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A bariatric surgeon can do it both

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The point is that you have to chose the surgery with your surgeon based on your weight, related diseases, type of food you like, habits. 
The prices depend of the surgery, every surgeon listed in realself have prices, packages and offer.
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Cost of Sleeve VS Bypass

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Most experience bariatric surgeons do both gastric sleeves and gastric bypass.  You should not choose a procedire based on price.  Consult with a bariatric surgeon and choose a procedure based on your BMI and co-morbidities.  For example, if you have svere acid reflux, you should not get the gastric sleeve regardless of your BMI.  The sleeve can make the acid reflux worse.  On the other hand, the gastric bypass can stop acid reflux almost immediarely.  In terms of price, the cost will vary depending where you are in the USA.  Che out my website saynotoobesity, we have a landing page that addresses self pay sleeve in our area.  

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