1 months post op Restylane tear trough, I have two ridges. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi, I had Restylane placed in the tear troughs using a cannula to reduce eye bags. However as you can see I have two ridges. I initially thought these were swelling from where the cannula was worked, but they have not gone. Moreover, the eye bag, which was worst on my left, has not gone. Has this been superficially placed? I feel as if I want it dissolved, a refund, and go to a different doctor. Any advice would be helpful.

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Eye bags after Restylane to tear troughs

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You know, I have found that using a cannula under the eye can be tricky.  While it minimizes the risk of bruising, it is much more difficult to get the filler down to the depth you want.

It is not a problem, however, to dissolve a bit of the more superficial filler you have, and then if needed, place a small amount of filler more deeply. A needle, rather than a cannuka, may be required for this to be successful in your case.  You may also prefer the effects of Beletero for this area.

All the best!

Dr. Clark

Ridges after filler

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I never like to make suggestions only based on photographs but it appears that the filler was placed in the tear trough area (right around the eyes) without first supporting the area with filler in the mid face or cheek.  The problem is often in the mid face rather than just around the eyes and if so, adding filler such as Volume or Radiuses to support the filler that's been injected is the best way to fix the problem.  Alternatively, dissolving some filler with Hylenex may be the best option.  A consultation with an injection specialist who is an expert in the eye area is your best option for optimal correction.  If your doctor just tells you to wait or that it's normal to look like this, I'd seek out a second opinion.

I hope that's helpful and best of luck!

Joseph A. Eviatar, MD, FACS
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon

Tear trough correction

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I would recommend getting a second opinion.  The placement was most likely too superifcial, or too much product was placed.  The good thing about restylane is that is can easily be dissolved and redone.

Restylan in tear troughs

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Always a good idea to show pre treatment photos. It is hard to say if overfilled or under. Are those eye bags that I am seeing or lumps of filler?  An exam in person would also be helpful.

1 months post op Restylane tear trough, I have two ridges. Is this normal?

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Appears under treating in volume, in my over the internet opinion. But in person examination is needed to determine if additional HA filler is needed. I prefer Belotero-Balance for this area. 

Tear Trough Injections under Eyes and correct Product and Placement

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Tear trough correction is a delicate process.  I have seen so many patients present with too much product under the eyes leaving swelling and ridges.  Belotero is often preferred to Restylane for this under eye area since it is a much thinner Hyaluronic acid and lends itself better in many ways.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with these cosmetic injections and inquire about the product being dissolved for you.  Please keep me posted.

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