Non smoker non diabetic 32 year old. Tummy tuck disaster. (photo)

day 18 from tummy tuck and it looks like this. Went to my surgeon and he says he will do skin graft. I am scared to death and started feeling if I can get better soon.I am so broken in tears now. I am seriously shocked. Please suggest what needs to be done. My surgeon says it is nothing to worry and considering skin graft. Please suggest

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Be patient, it looks as everything that needs to be done is being done...

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It is an unfortunate situation, but one that any patient could have. As you well mentioned, smokers and diabetic patients have a higher risk, but truth is that this can happen for various reasons. 
What any surgeon can tell you here is that you are doing the right thing by keeping in touch and having wound care therapy with your surgeon. What I can tell you about any type of skin necrosis is that, by this point, it looks like an aline will pop out but, stay calmed cause after it heals it doesn't look as bad.Then if you can converse about scar revision options. Be patient, and trust your surgeon. 
Good luck with your recovery, 
Dr. Fernandez Goico

Skin slough

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This is unfortunate but does happen on occasion. Ask your doctor about using a VAC -- I have done it and it heals very well. 

Unfortunate complication

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I can certainly understand your distress.  However complications do happen and you are one of the unfortunate individuals.   There are two ways to handle your situation, the first of which is a skin graft and the second of which is to let the wound heal by itself.  Letting the wound heal by itself will take longer.   However, without a consultation it would be difficult to advise.  Keep your chin up.  There's light at the end of the tunnel!

Elliot Duboys, MD, FACS
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

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