Capsule removal needed if implants only three months old?

I am having my submuscular silicon breast implants removed and I have a few concerns. My implants were only in for 3 months and PS says no capsule needs to be removed. He also refuses to do it under local anesthesia with sedation and made no mention of muscle reattachment. He will, however, perform the procedure free of charge. Is capsule removal and muscle reattachment a must after only 3 months? Should I insist on local anesthesia if general causes me anxiety? Thank you.

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Since you are only 3 months from surgery, your capsule has not completely formed. I would suggest not trying to remove it since most of it may absorb over time. Also, your muscle has healed and can be left alone. I do recommend taking time to reconsider your decision to remove the implants. You were not happy before you obtained implants and will go back to your original size. You might consider exchanging your implants for smaller ones.

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Capsule removal needed if implants only three months old?

I would not attempt to remove the capsule at 3 months because overtime the capsule will be reabsorbed.  In addition to surgically dissect the capsule will cause more tissue trauma and possibly increased scarring.   I also would not attempt to reattach the edge of the muscle to the fifth rib.  Ideally your surgeon will find  the capsule extending from the edge of the muscle to the rib periosteum  and in my experience leaving this extension of the muscle intact provides the best result.  A small opening can be made in the capsule the implant removed and the opening in the capsule closed.

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