Will the Mona Lisa touch improve sensation?

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It depends

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It depends on what you mean by sensation. FemiLift, MonaLisa, IntimaLase and other vaginal resurfacing lasers all stimulate collagen formation in the vaginal canal epithelium. This produces a degree of vaginal tightening and enhanced vaginal lubrication. Both of these changes are associated with more comfort and an enhanced sexual experience for many women.

Mona Lisa /sensation

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When you get tightening , improved tissue enhancement, increased lubrication from the technology , it goes without saying that the sensations will be better.

Cynthia Stolovitz, MD
Montreal Physician

Absolutely yes.

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The improvement in tissues seen after treatment with Mona Lisa Touch will definitely improve sensation.  One of the most common comments I get from my patients is that even in going about day to day they "feel more" in the vulvar area, and "feel more normal". Women also note improved responsiveness with intercourse and improvement or return of orgasm. If this is your main goal, make sure to discuss it with your provider as treating the outside, or vulva, will be especially important for you.

Improve sensitivity

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It is important to find an Expert who is able to share their experience for improved sexual orgasms and sensitivity if those are your concerns. At our office we provide patients education on the MonaLisa touch, TERMIva and O-Shot. Each of these may be beneficial to improve sexual enhancement in different ways. The MonaLisa Touch is a CO2 fractional laser which builds vaginal skin, blood vessels and collagen  it helps the vaginal tissue have better pliability and sensation during Intimacy. The TERMIva is a Radio frequency technology which may tighten and better lubricate the vaginal canal. While, O -Shot (Orgasmic) shot is blood that is specially processed from the patient. It is then spun down to concentrate only the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with growth factors. The PRP is then activated and injected into the Clitoris and G spot for enhanced sensation.


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Because of the increased collagen production and elastin in the vaginal tissues, the tissues are generally healthier.  Not only do women find symptom relief from vaginal irritation and painful intercourse,
they also find improved sensation. 

MonaLisa Touch for Improved Vaginal Lubrication and Sexual Health

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It should improve sensation because it improves the atrophy, increases vascularity, and the overall health of the vaginal mucosa. This procedure is most commonly used for post-menopausal women who experience vaginal dryness and irritation during intercourse. You may also wish to look into the IntimaLase procedure which is great for actually tightening the vagina. Additionally, there is the G-Shot, which amplifies the G-Spot for increased vaginal orgasm. I hope this helps.

Shelena Lalji, MD
Sugar Land OB/GYN
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MonaLisa Touch can improve sensation

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After treating the atrophic vaginitis, most women can enjoy intercourse for longer and have increased sensation.

Mona LIsa touch imorove sensataion?

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It depends on what you are asking with saying sensation??

 All the vaginal rejuvenation laser procedures increases collagen production in the vaginal area/wall and it makes the vaginal area tightened more youthful appearance  and reverse the lock of hormones affect during the menopause.

 All these makes your vaginal opening and wall tight and well lubricated which creates more  pleasurable frictions with enhanced sexual experienced.
 Thank you

 Dr Kafali 

Improved sensation with the Mona Lisa

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There is no question that with increasing blood flow, and the alleviation of vaginal atrophy there will be improved sensation to the vagina and vulva, and a decrease in pain, itching and soreness.

Monalisa Touch

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Yes there is a good chance that the Monalisa Touch will improve your sensation. Especially if the decrease in sensation is from vaginal looseness. The Monalisa will tighten the tissue by causing the tissue to become healthier which will increase friction and increase sensation. 

John Baten, MD
Jackson Urogynecologist
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