On the Mona Lisa touch and the Femi lift, is the same power setting used for both procedures?

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FemiLift and MonaLisa Touch use Variable Settings

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"Power" has a specific meaning when discussing laser energy. It refers to the speed at which energy is delivered to the target tissue and is measured in Watts. Both FemiLift and MonaLisa Touch have adjustable wattage settings and the most common setting for vaginal resurfacing is 20-30 Watts. I prefer 30 Watts. The other common energy setting (and the most important one in terms of results) is the total dose of energy delivered into each "dot" of the fractional ablation and is measured in Joules. This setting is adjusted during the procedure to achieve different effects. A surgeon who is familiar with laser physics will not usually use a single setting for everyone.

FemiLift and Mona Lisa Touch vaginal Laser treatment

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DEKA Lasers (Italian company), who manufacture Mona Lisa Touch, and Alma Lasers (Israeli company). who manufacture FemiLift, have their own suggested power settings, but essentially they are the same, as the technology (pixillated fractional CO2 Laser) is the same. I personally like the FemiLift but only because I feel the probe is more "vagina friendly." It is not unusual however for individual practitioners to change the power settings a bit to achieve what they feel are better personalized results.  For example, although I begin with the first treatment at the factory-recommended power settings of 80 joules first pass and 100-105 joules 2nd pass, I increase these settings a bit for subsequent treatments. These settings are for vaginal tightening; for vaginal atrophy I use different settings:I begin with 30/40 joules, progressing to 40/50 joules with later treatments.

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