I had 3 treatments of the Mona Lisa, only about 45 percent improvement. Is it possible to need more than 3 treatments?

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WHO are candidates for Mona LIsa, FemiLift and ThermiVa?

Why did you have Mona Lisa Touch? Exactly what was your diagnosis and for what purpose did you have therapy? Pixilated fractional CO2 laser intra-vaginal trearments such as Mona Lisa and Femilift are known to help "loosen" and 'thicken" vaginal mucosal skin for more sexual comfort in women who have significant vaginal ATROPHY.  This is "evidence-based." These therapies are also used to SLIGHTLY tighten the vagina in women who have VERY MILD vaginal relaxation, as well as to modestly strengthen the base of the bladder and help with mild urinary incontinence and tightening of upper vaginal mucosa (vaginal skin.).

UNFORTUNATELY, some doctors are "jumping on the bandwagon" with both Mona Lisa, Femilift, and ThermiVA, using it for women who have significant vaginal laxity secondary to loosening after childbirth(s). These are usually docs who are not trained to do a proper vaginal tightening operation ("vaginoplasty") and substitute these "non-invasive" technologies. In these situations, a woman can expect modest help (maybe "~45%...") but if real tightening is needed, these "non-invasive" technologies will disappoint. No, adding more treatments beyond 3 will not guarantee success.

"The right procedure for the right patient for the right condition" should be the mantra of clinicians..Use of these non-invasive techniques for women who have true vaginal/pelvic floor laxity after childbirth(s) is not the right procedure, will disappoint, and will give these non-invasive therapies, that do have a [somewhat narrow] place in vaginal therapy, a bad name. I personally hope they are not abused, and that patients are not promised the degree of long-lasting tightening that these techniques cannot deliver. The weblink below may give you additional information...

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Michael P Goodman MD

More treatments

Thank you for your question.I would recommend you consult with your gynecologist to discuss further treatment and perform a physical examination to make sure there aren’t any other factors contributing to you not achieving the results you desire. If after the first 3 treatments, you are unsatisfied with your results, then you may want to discuss having more treatments done. This is generally safe as long as they are performed 6 weeks apart. 
Best of luck in your endeavors!

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Partial Results

In order to be able to give you any useful feedback, I'd need to know what improvements you were hoping for with MonaLisa Touch. What brought you to that decision in the first place?

If you were a candidate for MonaLisa Touch and were seeking relief from vaginal atrophy and/or dryness, then there is a chance that you just need a few additional treatments. At my practice, we customize the MonaLisa Touch treatment plan to include enough treatments for each individual woman. For some women, that's only 3 but for others they need 5-6 to get them feeling 100% where they want to be.

Consider contacting your physician with your concerns or even visiting with a different provider if you'd prefer a second opinion after your experience. Best of luck.

Partial results with Mona Lisa? What's going on?

Laser vaginal resurfacing is done for various reasons. Some patients are better suited for these treatments than others. Some physicians are better at explaining how well these treatments might work for you than others. In any event, more details would be required to answer your question. A 4th session is not unreasonable if done for the right reason and with a realistic expectation.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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45% improvement after Mona Lisa series

Results of any treatment depends on your original condition, candidacy, and expectations. You didn't mention what you were wanting to improve. The MLT laser helps with vaginal dryness from atrophic changes of menopause. If your issues are severe or of a different nature then optimal results aren't to be expected nor guaranteed.
See link below for vaginal rejuvenation treatments my patients seek treatment for. 

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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MonaLisa with 45% improvement

I am sorry your expectations were not entirely met. This has not been my experience.  If you have not had children vaginally, and are over 60, the vaginal opening can be a difficult area to treat and a limiting factor.  All of my patients now have the opening treated after applying numbing cream though at a single power setting to begin with. You could ask your doctor if the opening was addressed. Good Luck

Lawrence Eisenhauer, MD
Encinitas OB/GYN
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Needing more therapy after full treatment with Mona Lisa Touch procedure for Vaginal Atrophy

To properly answer this question I believe that I would want to get some further information.
What is the time period since you have completed your therapy? My patients report continued improvements weeks after treatment. Some even notice improvement in areas that they were not aware was a problem e.g urinary leakage.
That leads me to your 45% feeling of improvement. Is this improvement from painful intercourse? Or was it from mainly dryness? Was it urinary leakage? If painful intercourse is it then I would then question if it was with insertion vs deep?  This detailed history would help your doctor further understand your problem and could maybe tailor your therapy to further improve your symptoms. There is a role for re-treatment if needed but as far as I know this should only be needed on a certain percentage of patients that feel like their symptoms are coming back. This may happen after years of relief. If needed patient recived a one time touch up treatment.

Hughan Frederick, MD, FACOG
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