Is the raise area around my mouth area a permanent thing after juvaderm lip filler? (Photo)

I had juvaderm injected into my lips 3 days ago; I now have a very raised surrounding mouth area (as shown in the picture) ad am worried that this may not go away. Is this a common occurance after the procedure or is this this just the result of the juvaderm? Any info would be greatly appreciated Thank you

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Filler problems have options

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Any filler that is injected would be expected to cause some degree of swelling in the days after the

procedure and this will peak and begin to improve over the next week. However, there is also the

possibility there is too much filler and that can always be removed with a different injection of a

medicine that will dissolve the juvaderm. The only way to know for sure is too contact your injector and

get evaluated. The most important thing to remember is that you definitely have options, no matter the


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Juvederm Lips

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Swelling in the lips post juvederm is very common.  Allow two weeks for it to settle and if it still is full around the lips return to your provider.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Postprocedure Swelling

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photograph.  Sorry that you are having some concerns about your postprocedure appearance.  Some swelling and bruising after an injectable procedure is considered normal.  Icing is beneficial for up to 48 hours after the procedure.  Arnica is also helpful for minimizing normal postprocedure swelling and bruising.  Please keep in mind that it will take 2 weeks to allow for normal postprocedure swelling and bruising to resolve and to see your final result.  At that point, if you continue to have any concerns, please be sure to see your injector for an in-person reevaluation in order to best address your concerns and to determine the best course of action.  Hope this helps and best wishes! 

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This is likely residual swelling from the treatment.  It takes about two weeks for swelling to resolve after lip injections.  If it is present after that time, return to your injector for an evaluation.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling around the mouth after Juvederm, day 3

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This is going to settle down. It takes about 7-10 days for the final results to be seen. This happens with all fillers, Silk actually has more swelling than the others. I wouldn't be concerned at this point.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling After Juvederm Lip Filler

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Dear katie_h:

Looking at your photo, the lip swelling that you are experiencing after Juvederm filling is not uncommon and I would recommend waiting for the swelling to subside in the next 1-2 weeks and following up with your physician then.  Hope this information helps.

Resolving a Raised Area

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This looks like normal swelling that occurs after a Juvederm injection. It should resolve in a few weeks. If you're unhappy with your result, you can have it dissolved and try a different technique next time. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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