Not losing weight and I'm 18 months post op with 8.2 in a 10 mm band, how many more fills can I have?

I have lost in total 2.5 stone (10lb was pre op ) and I go to gym 4 times a week and I have gone from a size 22 to a 16 ,I have poly cystic ovary syndrome and when I went to my gp he said it's not what I eat that affects my weight loss it's my hormones and I'm lucky to have lost this weight so far but feels no matter what I do I may not lose any more?? I feel disheartened but keep thinking maybe I'm just not at correct band adjustment ??

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Adjust band if

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The reason to adjust the band is to suppress appetite with a small amount of food.  If after eating four ounces of protein and a half cup of vegetables you are hungry in two hours, then get an adjustment. 

It isn't your hormones that are keeping you from further weight loss, or the amount of fluid in the band, but what and how much you eat. 

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