Advice after being hit in breast after having implants under the muscle.

Wondering if I could get a bit of advice I am 41 days post op, breast implants under the muscle. two days ago a 4 year old child jumped on me excited and hit me in my right breast it's really tender again when I was starting to feel better, now I have an aching feeling, myself and my partner can see swelling that wasn't there before. It's hard to get an apt with my surgeon do you think I need to see my G.P? I had implants taken out that had ruptured through truma after 6 yrs. thanks in advance

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Breast pain

If you have pain from the trauma as you describe, it is worth a visit to your surgeon to make sure everything is ok.

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Hit after Breast Implant Surgery

Hello and thank you for your question!  I would advise you to go see your plastic surgeon for an in-person evaluation and be examined.  Please talk to your surgeon with your concerns and keep him/her posted. I hope this helps and best of luck to you!

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S/p BA

Given your history, it makes sense to notify your surgeon of what has transpired. It is unlikely your GP will be able to help you with this.

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You are probably OK, but see your surgeon

Thank you for your question. At 6-7 weeks post-op, to sustain that type of trauma to your breast, it would be normal to have some pain and swelling. It is likely that the trauma cause a little capsular tear with some bleeding and swelling but it is unlikely to have ruptured your implant; although not impossible. If you have saline implants, a rupture would cause complete deflation and your breast would be much smaller, not larger. With silicone, there is no way for you to tell if you have a rupture; an MRI is the best test but it would be best to see your surgeon first. It is not acceptable that your surgeon would not fit you in to a busy schedule or stay a little late to see a post-op patient who is having a problem!

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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.

It is best to see your plastic surgeon. There has been a change in your post operative recovery and you need to be examined to see if there was any damage done from the impact. Call your surgeon and explain what happened, they should make time to see you in their schedule, things like this happen and surgeons are usually prepared to make arrangements in their schedules for situations like these or at least have a nurse on staff who can take a look at you. Best of luck.

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See your surgeon

It really should not be difficult to get back in to see your surgeon for advice - that is part of the service they should be offering for any concerns - you may have stirred up healing a little or caused a small amount of bleeding leading to some swelling but you need to check with your surgeon - GP as a last resort and they may want to get an ultrasound

Breast augmentation

Your primary care doctor wouldn't be able to help with this. See your surgeon. You should call the office nurse.

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