Upper Blep-wrinkle/skin Fold? (photo)

I'm in my mid 20's and had slight hooding on my upper lids. I had blep 7 days ago and my sutures out yesterday (dissolving and non-dissolving that went under my eyelid). My one eye lid has a crease/skin fold in the center of it coming from the outter corner to the center. It's between my eyelashes and the new crease. Was not enough skin taken off?


Update: http://www.realself.com/question/east-lansing-mi-follow-my-question-regarding-hooded-appearance-my-eyelid-after

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Upper Blep-wrinkle/skin Fold?

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        Allow yourself some time to recover and then reevaluate in a few months. 




Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

High Incision

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Thank you for your pictures.  I believe the extra crease is your natural crease.  It appears that your surgical incision was incorrectly positioned too high.


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Your doc cut your lid crazy high.  I suspect that the wrinkle you are seeing is your now exposed natural crease.  Your upper eyelids are also ptotic.  If this persists, it should be possible to improve the situation with revisional surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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