First R20 laser tattoo removal session, is healing going well and "normal"? (Photo)

I'm having R20 method done to both tattoos. He went over each tattoo 3x with a Q-Switch laser. I did bleed a little bit on my thigh tattoo, so he turned down the power just a tad. Each tattoo feels swollen and when I move it feels tight, is this normal? Both tattoos feel a little bit bumpy & raised, is that due to the treatment and will that go away with time? How many treatments would I need for these to be removed? Technically I had 3 sessions on each tattoo already.

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R20 Method for Tattoo Removal

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This looks like it is healing normally and sounds like you are not putting enough moisturizing on after the treatment.  Continue your treatments.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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