How to remove a scar caused by stitches? (Photo)

I was in a fight and got cut by the young man's finger nail it left a uprising scar. I went to my private doctor and he removed it but now the stitches left a scar that I would like to remove is there a way to remove it without surgery. If surgery is need I would like to know what type.

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Treatment of thick scars from stitches

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I would recommend intralesional injections first to smooth out your scar, followed by fractional laser and vascular laser to improve the scar.Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

Elevated Scars Can Be Flattened With An Anti-Inflammatory Injection; Flat Scars Can Be Improved With Microneedling

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The photo suggests the development of a hypertrophic scar, i.e. an abnormal, thickened elevation of the scar, but with the scar still restricted to the confines of the injury/surgical repair (unlike keloid scars that spread well outside the borders of the original trauma or surgery). Since it is abnormally elevated, it needs to be flattened. This can usually be quite easily accomplished via an injection of an anti-inflammatory agent.Once flattened, the remaining issues are the slightly abnormal color and texture of the scar, as well as the presence of the stitch mark ("railroad tracks") scars from the surgical closure of the wound, and here, medical microneedling may help to improve these problems and, unlike light-based treatments (such as lasers that may leave pigmentary problems of their own) is a suitable modality for use in people of color.You would do well to seek consultation with a board certified aesthetic physician, and the earlier the better, since early intervention generally results in greater, more gratifying improvement. Best of luck to you.

Inejections first

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Hi bdon,Yes - I agree with the others. You are getting a "hypertrophic scar" which means that the scar is larger than it should be. We'd typically inject that first with some medication which may shrink it just the way you want.  Then we could possibly revise the scar in one of several ways to make it less noticeable.

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