FTM breast removal- working around a medically implanted device? (Photo)

I had a procedure called the Nuss Procedure and there is a metal bar under my rib cage (horizontally, behind breasts). I am looking to get breast removal (FTM) in 2 years when the tissue surrounding the bar is fully healed. However, the bar comes out of my ribcage on the sides. I believe that it is right where a surgeon would need to make incisions for top surgery. I'm wondering if it may be possible to work around this medical implanted bar or must I wait extra years (when the bar is removed)?

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FTM top surgery

The metal plate used in Nuss procedure shouldn't affect your top surgery procedure or results. Be sure that you choose a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in FTM top surgery and works closely with the transgender community. 

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FTM breast removal- working around a medically implanted device?

The presence of the metal plate that is commonly used in the Nuss Procedure will not affect your ability to have top surgery.  Best wishes. 

Josef Hadeed, MD, FACS
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FTM top surgery after Nuss procedure.

Most patients that undergo the Nuss procedure will have the metal bar removed several years later. However if your bar is still in place, it will not affect the ability to have male chest confirmation surgery. Since each of these procedures is relatively uncommon, you will want to choose a TOP surgeon that has a reputation for their work, just as you did when seeking the Nuss procedure.

Sheldon Lincenberg, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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