Was told should consider an implant, but am concerned re finances. Will this process continue for all my teeth?

I recently had 1 tooth extracted...waited too long for a crown. I smoke and have gingivitis.

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Dental Implant for A Missing Tooth

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Dental Implants are becoming the standard of care for missing single teeth. The cost of a single implant is not that different than a 3 unit bridge.  The Implant should last the rest of your life as long as you go for your regular exams and cleanings. A 3 unit bridge will last 5-7 years depending on studies.  This winds up costing much more over time because you will often need root canals on the teeth supporting the bridge.  Smoking does decrese prognosis a bit but not significantly unless you have other comorbidities.

Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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