I had BA surgery a year ago, is it normal to have numbness in the bottom of the breast?

I had a BA done a year ago, recently the bottom of my right breast feels numb. I had 375 gummy implants and love the results, however I'm a little concern with the recent numbness. Both breast seem normal. I would really appreciate your feedback.

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Many patients can experience transient sensory changes in portions of their breasts or nipple/areola after breast surgery, but this is almost always self limited. It would be most unusual for this to present itself as a late phenomenon. It would specifically be related to some temporary interruption in the normal neural pathways shortly after surgery, and generally settle down to normal within a few weeks, rarely unto a year, and even more infrequently, remain permanent. 

The breast is a dynamic and active part of the body that responds to hormonal influences, musculoskeletal changes, bumps, etc. some some periodic changes in the breast can occasionally be encountered. If the sensation is unusual or worrisome, it is worth further investigation. I agree with Dr. Wallach that it is probably best to return to your surgeon to let him or her evaluate you in person. It is remotely possible that further investigation would be arranged, perhaps with a mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI indicated to more carefully evaluate both your breast and your breast implant. Best of luck to you. 

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Delayed numbness

Having delayed numbness is a bit unusual.  It might be reasonable to be seen by a plastic surgeon to have it checked out.

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