What should I do for a Hollywood smile? Veneers on upper arch or a full mouth reconstruction? (Photos)

I'm 19 years old. My teeth barely show when I smile so I want them lengthened and achieve a full Hollywood smile. Should I do veneers on all the upper teeth or a full mouth reconstruction? I don't want to do orthodontics or lip plastic surgery.

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Veneers or Full Mouth Reconstruction to show more teeth

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Your age should be considered in determining the best treatment for you.  Traditional porcelain veneers or full mouth reconstruction requires preparation or filing down your natural healthy tooth structure.  If this is done on a young person such as yourself, you should be prepared for your teeth to become more sensitive to hot and cold.  The type of treatment you are considering can last  up to 20 years if meticulously done by an experienced cosmetic dentist.  It also requires work on your part to maintain them, including regular cleaning and check up visits every 4-6 months, and proper home care maintenance including daily brushing and flossing.  My suggestion for you would be to research non-invasive dental techniques to reach your goals.  We have used cosmetic bonding to create a reversible test drive to make sure you love the appearance and are comfortable with the changes in your lip support and bite.  If you are happy with the changes, the resin cosmetic bonding can be converted to minimal or no prep porcelain veneers and onlays on your back teeth if it is determined that your bite needs to be opened.  This is confirmed in your test drive.  If you decide that you are happy with the result from cosmetic bonding, you can opt to defer converting to porcelain veneers and onlays for several years.  Whoever you select as your cosmetic dentist, you should ask their opinion on how they feel about this approach.  You should interview a few cosmetic dentists and make sure you are able to communicate and have trust and are comfortable with whom you select for your Smile Makeover.  We have found our patients much happier when they can try out their new smiles and when their teeth remain comfortable and not sensitized.  I hope this information is helpful to you and helps you in making an informed decision.

Considering veneers ... #DrSarahThompson #STL

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A full mouth rehab always looks better than just doing one arch, but when money is an object, then just doing the top is sometimes more feasible for people.  Email me photos of your mouth, if you'd like me to actually take a look at your case.  I hope this helps and click "save" under my name to ask me direct questions.  

Hollywood smile

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as u said, u have less visible smile, so construction by digital smile designing will give u awesome result.

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Veneers or Full Mouth Reconstruction

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It looks as though you could achieve a significant improvement by having porcelain veneers placed on your upper front ten teeth.  You could likely whiten the lowers and they would be fine.  Best of luck.  

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