Reversing failed orthodontics. Can I ever get my teeth back to the way they were before? (Photo)

Can I ever get my teeth back to the way they were before ? I have seen so many specialists and nobody will help me. I would have to remove teeth which I am trying to avoid at all costs.

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You cannot "go back" just improve what you don't like

I think what you want is a change from your current situation, returning some of the teeth (the front ones I suspect) back to a place you think they look or fit better.

First, understand that you can not go back to exactly where you were before.  This would involve making your teeth crooked and your bite worse.  I assume you want your teeth and bite somewhere else that it is now.  

There are only 2 options to make significant change and improvement in your current situation.

1)  Jaw surgery.  Your bite and tooth position is a combination of teeth that don't fit your jaws AND jaws that do not fit each other.  Jaw surgery changes the size and position of the jaws to get the desired result.   This is expensive, painful and not usually covered by insurance.  If you are not desiring a change in your facial esthestics, than a less invasive option is better.

2)  Extraction or one or more teeth.   This allows some room to move the teeth to compensate for the large imbalance in the size of the jaws.  Extraction of teeth is not everyone's favorite solution but it is probably a better option than major jaw surgery in your case

(The third option was non extraction orthodontic treatment but that result was not to your liking.)  

You have a very difficult orthodontic problem that luckily falls within the realm of non surgical treatment.  It is not "hard" in terms of what you will experience, it will just need to be managed carefully by the orthodontist in order to make the teeth fit together well despite the underlying jaw imbalance.   Find a very good, very experienced orthodontist and expect to pay near the top of the fee range for adult orthodontics.  Your orthodontist will earn every penny.

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