will my Areola look similar once healed? (photos)

It's been 3 weeks since I had a breast lift and 235cc implant. I feel like I have 2 different breast and one Areola looks really bad. inr is round the other is a bad oval shape from bad stitches maybe

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Areola Shape after Breast Lift and Augmentation

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Dear sailing721,

I would not worry about the shape as of now, since you are only 3 weeks post op. Once the sutures have dissolved and the incisions have faded and flattened you may find that it is no longer a concern of yours. Good luck!

Areola shape

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First, no two areola are exactly the same.  Second, you had what looks like a circumareola reduction and until the tissues settle a bit, the areola might look a bit "gathered."

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift and nipple shape

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Congrats on your surgery. You overall have a very nice shape and good nipple position and size. I agree that your areola shape are different and one is more oval than the other. Their shape is more determined by the surrounding skin tightness. This will change overtime and the puckering will settle down over time. I would let 3-6 months of healing and smoothing take place and reevaluate. You might need a little revision. Good luck.

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