How Can I Raise my Hemoglobin Levels for SX?

I am scheduled for my SX on 4/30 thats 8 months away. I am getting a BBL and Breast Lift . I am anemic. What are some ways I can raise my hemoglobin levels. Is 8 months enough time?

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Raise Hemoglobin prior to any procedure

It is very important that your body is prepared prior to any procedure, you can start by taking Folic Acid 5MG twice a day, Iron 325gm 3 times a day and Vitamin C 1Gm a day. Also a keeping a balanced diet and in taking Iron rich foods such as Beans, Liver, Red meats,lentils, Vegetables, eggs. Also try diminishing the amount of caffeine in take since this restrains your body from absorbing Iron. Good luck, I hope this helps your process!

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How Can I Raise my Hemoglobin Levels for SX?

Thank you for your question, Its very important to have your hemoglobin in an optimum state before undergoing surgery, to avoid complications. You may take Iron pills three times a day a couple of weeks or months before your surgery to improve your Iron levels. Talk to your doctor about the dosage that fits your needs.

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How Can I Raise my Hemoglobin Levels for SX?

      The nature of the anemia has to be defined as well as the severity.  If this is an iron deficiency anemia, treatment with iron at the appropriate dosage over a course of weeks to months will improve the clinical situation. 

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