Doc, Do You Believe That the Garment Actually Helps the Outcome of the Shape?

Doc, Do you believe that the garment/faja actually helps shape the body and the final outcome of the BBL? We all know that it helps with the swelling and lymphatic system. Basically the person that wears the garment just heals quicker but would exactly the same had she not worn the garment but took longer to heal. What do you think? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

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Necessity for compression garments after liposuction and BBL

Nobody knows, to be frank.  The garment companies would want us to believe that it makes a difference.  Also, I am quite convinced that compression decreases bruising and swelling and accelerates the final result.  Compression probably also decreases seroma frequency and might theoretically decrease infection risk through all of these mechanisms.  Nonetheless, it is hard to prove it it changes the final outcome, but the literature would suggest (including my review article on liposuction of the knees and ankles) that the farther down the body that the liposuction is done, the more important the compression is to the final result.

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Doc, Do You Believe That the Garment Actually Helps the Outcome of the Shape?

     There are way too many variables in liposuction technique, methodology, amount removed, differing body area responses, and differing postoperative protocols to design a study that can test this hypothesis.  However, I will tell you that in areas that are conservatively liposuctioned, the risk for fluid collection is very small.  Areas conversely that are liposuctioned extensively and thus produce the most dramatic result are more likely to have fluid collections.  Thus, if you want the best possible outcome, you want a lot of fat liposuctioned and you want the garment worn snugly, correctly, and in the right location to reduce the incidence of fluid collections.

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Doc, Do You Believe That the Garment Actually Helps the Outcome of the Shape?

Several studies show the benefits of the garment following liposuction. I know from first hand experience that patients who don't wear garments have a worse outcome (especially in the neck). I think the most important time is the first week and usually discontinue the garment at 3 weeks.

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Garments speed recovery

There are differing opinions on the importance of postop garments. In general , garments help speed your recovery by encouraging swelling to dissipate quickly. In my opinion, you can get the the same result without the garments, but it doesn't make sense. If your investing time energy and money on surgery, do it the right way and wear your garments as directed. I provide garments for my patients. If your surgeon does not you can purchase garments online affordably.


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