Trying to find the best buccal fat removal doctor in USA. Any suggestions?

hello everyone. Well just like the title says I am looking to find the best buccal fat removal doctors and whom you would specifically reccomend for buccal fat removal. Secondly, I have a noticeable amount of more buccal fat on my right than left. Can I remove from both sides while having more taken out than the other? Also as a male I am looking for a significant amount of buccal fat removal. I dont want a subtle difference, but a quite moderate one. Can more be taken out if it's too subtle

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Trying to find the best buccal fat removal doctor in USA = there are many, you have to choose one #buccalfatremoval #chubbycheek

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There are multiple plastic surgeons in the united states that perform excellent procedures like buccal fat removal. I really you should find a board certified plastic surgeon specialized in cosmetic procedures of the face like buccal fat pad.
Finding the "best" doctor, it is like finding the "best girl" to marry. The "best" girl for one guy (eg. a "trophy wife") could be not the "best one" for another guy that wants a tattooed Harley Davison motorcycle rider wife. 
When choosing a plastic surgeon, the "best" one for you is the one you feel more comfortable with (he or she) in all the areas of medical care ( surgical skills, manners, team, etc). Ideally you should look for a board certified plastic surgeon since he/she has completed all the standard of excellent care. 
I would recommend to interview with some board certified plastic surgeons, evaluate them ( do your home work) and choose the one is "best" FOR YOU!.
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