Front teeth chipped- what to do? (Photos)

Hello. Is it possible to fix it or does it need to be filed to get even? My mom told me to file it myself until it is even. How should i proceed? Advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Don't File Your Tooth

Your tooth can be easily fixed with bonding. The question is how did that happen. If it was an event that caused that to happen it's straightforward. If that happened over time, then it's due to your bite and that has to be addressed when the bonding is done. Either way it can be taken care of. Don't file it yourself, see a dentist. 

Solution is to add and not to remove.

Your issue is that you need to add and not remove any more tooth structure.  Removing tooth structure (i.e. filing it down) will only make it worst.  I would suggest going to see a dentist to get it filled.  

Jean-Paul Banh, DDS
Federal Way Dentist

File my tooth

It appears that simple filing will be possible to correct the chips. Should take 10 minutes in a dental office. What would you use to file it yourself?

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