Is It Easier to Lose Weight in the Future in the Liposuction-treated Area?

I had 200 cc's removed from my lower abdomen. After everything heals in 7 months or so, does the fat remaining there respond better to exercise or is it just as stubborn to get rid of? Yes, I know it is impossible to get rid of all your belly fat, but there is still some more that I think needs to go. I am still only 2 weeks post-op however :)

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Harder to Lose Weight in the Area of Liposuction

  Theoretically, the area should be a harder section from which to lose weight.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Weight loss after liposuction.

Weight is lost or gained after liposuction in the same manner and speed as before liposuction.  If one wishes to lose or gain, it is all about calories in and calories burned.  I suppose it may seem that an area of liposuction gains more slowly because of less fat cell.  Also the same liposuction area may seem to lose more slowly because of less fat cells.  Overall there is no appreciable difference in speed of loss but do lose if you need to.  The best results after liposuction are in patients who reflect on the scale the weight the surgeon took and then match this weight by loss.  These end up spectacular even if still over weight.  Of course very lean patient have not need to match the removed weight taken.   The words are reflect what your surgeon took and match it if indicated.  Weight gain lessens the results of any liposuction.  If you gain weight nothing good happens.  SAll rules have exceptions.  Sometimes anorexic patients can have an area of lipodisproportion and when that is removed they allow their weight to slip up to normal and this is a perfect course and result.    My Best    Dr C

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